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Cold Hockey.

Send us Your Minor hockey rant!

About the book
Author of Making the Cut
Send us Your Minor hockey rant!

I want your stories.

I want to here your beefs. What bugs you about minor hockey. Did your kid just get cut, tell me why, how come. Did he get put back on defense because  you complained about ice time, send me all the details. Has your child been black balled I want to know. Did a coach bench your kid because your car broke down and your late for practice. Send me all your experiences. Name names if you want! How about the executive is there something under handed going on. Did you or someone else have to bribe the coach. How about the guy who coaches his own kid to get him on the team and makes him centre and captain has that ever happened on you sons team.

I am writing a new book called ‘Cold hockey” Its going to be full of your stories. So here’s the deal.

You send me your stories in detail, you can be anonymous if you want, name names if you want. If I use your story for the book I will send you a free copy of the book. 

Just for submitting your story  I will send you the "World wide Hockey directory" ebook for free. It has contacts to every known league in the entire world. It will help you plot your course. 

If your from the United States I want to here your stories as well. I want to here hockey parents and players from around the world.
You should include your email address at the beginning so we can send the free ebook "Worldwide Hockey Directory". 

Please also include the town or city and country your story took place in.  You also include the league or organization as well if you want.

If  its ok to contribute your  story to your name please include your name and city or town and country you are from for the book.

Cut and paste your story here or email us at...

Place YOUR story here. You can cut and paste up to 20 pages so you have lots of room.