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Cold Hockey.

Author of Making the Cut

About the book
Author of Making the Cut
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Russell Orr

Written for players and parents from Tyke to Junior to minor pro.

So you want to make the team. Well so does everybody else. So what does one player or parent do to get on a team that the other doesn’t? I won’t bore you with a lot of specific cases. This book is designed to be a survival course in hockey. When you are done reading it, you should have all you need to survive. 

First of all. let me tell you this. I have worked with coaches in triple A hockey, double A hockey and single A hockey. I worked with coaches in house league and select. I have worked with coaches and managers in Junior A hockey. I have played in the minor hockey system and have interviewed parents and players right up to pro.

So I am an ‘insider’. I was there on both sides of the equation when the ‘big’ decisions came down. So, I can tell you what really goes on behind the scenes of both minor hockey and junior hockey. I can explain to you those little dirty secrets that no one in minor hockey will admit. Not knowing them maybe holding your child or you back.

You can learn how to play the real game. It would be nice to say that the game was on the ice. But anyone past Tim Bit hockey knows that the real game is played in late night telephone calls, coffee shops and sometimes around the backyard barbecue.

Making the Cut will help you make the cut. Making the Cut will give you the education you need to make the team. Its up to you if you use it. I had to learn these things over thirty years the hard way. If nothing else, it will help you understand the process. And that can be consoling to some degree.

This book was written for everyone in hockey, from tyke to junior. Since everyone is at a different point in there hockey career you can simply jump into the chapter of your present condition. One thing for sure, when your done reading this book you will never look at another tryout the same way again.